MIMA 全向電動堆高機 (6)
Z 60-80 H2電動堆高機
Capacity 6.000-8.000 kg
Loadcentre 600-1200 mm
Voltage 96V
Tyres C-SE-SEG
Motors AC
Brakes Electrical
Velocit traslazione 15 km/h
Velocit sollevamento 0,39 m/s
Battery 1035-1125 Ah
  • The electric forklift trucks of the Z 60-80 H² series have been designed to guarantee high performances, long operating time and low running costs. 
  • Extremely compact and with a reduced steering radius, these forklift trucks are designed to have a compact design and not be bulky during maneuvers without affecting performance, reliability and ergonomics. 
  • Moreover, they can be customized and adapted to any conditions of use and application.
  • They are safe and reliable to deal with even the most heavy-duty of tasks.The compact design of the forklift truck and its steering power mean less time to store the load and being able to travel across narrow and cramped corridors. 
  • The Z 60-80 H² series are equipped with single superelastic tyres, but twin or cushion tyres can be also mounted upon request 
  • The extreme compact design does not affect the roominess of the driver’s seat, which is ergonomic, easy to access and fitted with clearly visible instruments. 
  • Hydraulically assisted steering enhances the dynamic properties of the forklift trucks by perfectly combining the light steering wheel with accurate driving control. 
  • The electronic braking system, mounted directly on the two front traction motors, guarantees outstanding effectiveness and duration with minimum energy consumption. 
  • Moreover, the electric braking has three energy recovery features: releasing the acceleration pedal, pressing the brake pedal or reversing the direction of travel. 
  • The special frame structure is able to house large batteries to deal with every need.