MIMA 全向電動堆高機 (6)
Z 80@900 H - Z 100 H電動堆高機


Capacity 8.000-10.000 kg
Loadcentre 600/900 mm
Voltage 96V
Tyres SEG
Motors AC
Brakes Oil-bath brakes
Velocit traslazione 15 km/h
Velocit sollevamento 0,44 m/s
Battery 1380-1500 Ah
Multifunction Display (dme)
High Positioned Tilt Cylinders
  • The driver's seat is wide and spacious.
  • The layout of the controls and instruments on board meet the ergonomic sizing.
  • The steering wheel has the tilt steering and is also adjustable in depth.
  • The wide seat is cushioned, adjustable in each direction and also based on the weight of the operator.
  • A large handle and two wide steps provide easy access to the driving position.
  • The front and rear visibility is excellent thanks to the raised driving position, the electronic control MOSFET high frequency ensures low noise and maximum engine performance.
  • The system is protected and is placed in the rear to facilitate easy access during maintenance operations.
  • The electric motors are developed and designed to support demanding applications and are excited in series with the armature winding in copper strip.
  • The electric braking energy recovery features to the release of the brake pedal and reversing the direction of travel.
  • The tilt cylinders provide excellent stability of the mast reducing twists due to their location and large lever arms.